Update #1

Jan. 1, 2013 Update #1

 Dear TATENDA Family and Friends:

 We have arrived so safely and Fr. Mick McCabe was waiting for us with smiles. They were awaiting our arrival at the House of Formation to begin their celebrations for New Year’s Eve. And what a celebration: an entire “program” of introductions, warm welcomes, singing hymns in Africa rhythms, and not a  drop of alcohol in sight. There was laughter, sentiment, reflection, and recalling the blessings and struggles of 2012 in order to spiritually prepare ourselves well for 2013. Very touching. We ingested our share of soda, chips, popcorn, and a little cake…. and then after embraces all around for the New Year, gratefully retired to much needed slumber. Thank you God for private showers and safe space to just lie down in and rest. No early events to get up for, we rested deeply.

 One note on things here: excessive rains here right now. That means very rutted roads, standing water, and thus,….. lots of mosquitoes. We will be vigilant with those little buggers. Love to all of you and gratitude, Nicki and Sarah