Bangladesh Update #7

Update #7

August 8, 2013 

Dear TATENDA Family-                        

Our last retreat ended with a bang. Nicki took ill with a Bangladeshi viral fever that laid her low for a day a so with fever, weakness, and …well, you know. Jackie stepped right up to the plate and facilitated the final day. Nicki came back in for the finale and was able to join in the festivities, albeit cautiously. 

The gifts were received with great joy. The handkerchiefs donated by Regina Nast of Tucson were a great success, as were the miniature fans given by Karen Duffy, and the CDs, combs, and candy. We had been dressed in saris for a day and looked the part of elegant Bangladeshi
women. The sisters loved the “inculturation” of these 2 tall white women in local dress.

We have very little time to transition from the completion of the 2nd retreat and the return home. But we wanted to send on these photos and we will send on a longer missive upon return. 


Nicki and Jackie     


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