30 Days of Thanksgiving

Dear TATENDA International Friends-

An entire year has passed and within that twelve months, we at TATENDA International have added a fourth African country to the roster of communities we have served with our retreats. Cameroon has joined Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Rwanda from that continent, as well as Bangladesh and Jamaica. That is something to celebrate!

Sr. Victoria Anyanwu, a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, sent us a lovely reflection on her participation on the Travel Team this year for Cameroon.  “It gives me joy when God can call anyone of us and use us to change and save lives,” she said. “I had a wonderful experience…I am thankful to Dr. Nicki and the Tatenda International for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful transformation that the sisters experienced with the retreat and the Energy Bodywork we did.” She continued, “Many miracles happened that I did not anticipate. I was more surprised than the sisters.  During the first retreat of twenty-six sisters I thought, I am not sure what God is trying to tell or show me so I was more in tune with the result and what the sisters were telling me after each treatment.  I was between doubt and believing them.  When the same testimony continued with the second set of retreatants, now I was convinced that God is really doing miracles especially when I saw so much change in the sisters I treated earlier.”

Already for 2018, we have been invited to come to Singapore to walk with caregivers who help orphans there. We have also been invited to consider a return trip to Cameroon to continue work there. Cameroon is suffering from some struggles now and we follow the stories from here.

So, as we reflect on the good work of 2017, we look to 2018 and begin our 30 Days of Thanksgiving this November. Can we count on your generosity this year to take us back abroad?  Our 30 Days of Thanksgiving is our only fundraising campaign each year, a promise that we have made to limit the appeals we send for financial support for TATENDA’s work. We all get bombarded with requests at this time of year and we want to respect your time.

May we ask you to respond with a contribution made through PayPal on our updated website at www.tatendainternational.org.  Or if you prefer, please send a check to our address at PO Box 186, North Uxbridge, MA 01538. If you have questions, you can always call Nicki at 508-266-0665 for information.

Thank you for following our expedition this year. We greatly appreciate your interest, prayers, and support. From all the grateful caregivers whom we visited this year, we say, “Tatenda! And send them back to us!”


Nicki Verploegen, Pam VanWechel, Sarah DeKoven, Annette Gardner, Mary Lou Verla, Susan Hassinger, Sr. Marty Dermody, and Sr. Nancy Sheridan

The TATENDA International Board of Directors

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