TATENDA International is a 501c3 non-profit organization which provides rest and rejuvenation opportunities to caregivers in impoverished areas of our world. Our field team offers retreats and seminars to these workers, as well as motivational talks to youth to encourage healthy life choices. Established in 2007, we believe strongly that the healthiest way people can truly give of themselves is to be centered, potent in their life and work and emotionally, spiritually and psychologically rested. This enables people to work in difficult circumstances where the needs are so great. Where challenging circumstances exist, as in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh, the support TATENDA International offers provides vitality and restoration. Though our work began in Africa, our vision is global and we hope to reach those in need on each continent.

We welcome requests for retreats and youth motivational talks worldwide and will accommodate as many as our resources will permit. TATENDA International neither endorses nor opposes any sect or religion. We are not affiliated with any political party. Services are available free of charge to secular, religious and humanitarian workers on a “first come, first served” basis, as time and financial resources are available. Hospitality and ground transportation are requested of communities hosting our field team.


Kenya Retreat 2010

Orphans in Zimbabwe