Kenya and Zimbabwe Updates 12/07-2/08

Kenya and Zimbabwe Updates 12/07-2/08

Our 1st TATENDA International Trip

December 14, 2007

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters of Nicki and Karen,

I received a call from Nicki Thursday morning, 12/13/07, (about 11:30am in Denver, 9:30pm Nairobi) indicating that they had arrived safely in Nairobi and have enjoyed an outstandingly warm reception. There is considerable interest in having them return in August/September for several retreats. Karen and Nicki feel very blessed to know that they “have a home in Kenya” as they were told by their hosts. Clearly, those in positions of responsibility and authority there see the tangible and intangible value of what TATENDA International has to offer. There is such a need for the refreshment and restoration that the retreats can bring to those laboring on the front lines and in such difficult circumstances.

Karen and Nicki are grateful for such a gracious and warm reception—beyond words, Nicki said. They both were very tired but otherwise well. It will take some time for their bodies to adjust to the time change. They fly on the 14th to Zimbabwe and will send more news when they can. They attempted to send one email but it didn’t come through. They purchased a cell phone because it was relatively inexpensive and would facilitate communication both within Africa and to the States.

Nicki and Karen send their love and gratitude to all.

Blessings and Peace,

Kathleen Mondanaro