Trip coming to an end – Update #8

Friday, Feb. 1, 2008 4:40 AM

Dear Friends and Family from the other side of the Pond;

This will likely be our last update from African soil. We leave on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2008 and journey through Mozambique and Kenya to catch flights to France. Say a prayer for those stops. We have one last retreat tomorrow with the Redemptorists here and then final goodbyes. This is really hard for us as we have bonded significantly with many of the people here. Have met so many new folks, too. It will tear our hearts a little to say these farewells.

We had a lovely treat last Sunday. The sisters took us to a Lion and Cheetah (no cheetahs, though) Park and we saw 6 lions in the wild while we sat in the car. Then across from that is a small wilderness space with a tea room….huts really. They had 3 baby lion cubs (2 months old and 4 months) They actually brought them out and let us stroke them and play with them. IMAGINE!! We had to conquer some big fear here with lions but they were adorable. They still have the wild growl so we were careful. We have great photos to share.

That’s it from here and we hope to send something later on route. Our best to all of you and we are hoping to hear all the details as the Pats WIN the SuperBowl on Sunday….we will be in the air over Europe. Pity. But who can complain.


Love to you all,

Nicki and Karen