Update #5 from Bangladesh

These women have worked in all sorts of conditions. Schools, clinics, rehab homes, orphanages, rural villages, and city centers caring for people from infancy to their nineties. In fact, we have several octogenarians making this retreat. We have greatly enjoyed their creativity, being the recipients of beautiful dancing, singing, and leading of prayer. It has been a real gift for us to travel with these women on retreat. Many of them have taken this opportunity to schedule individual sessions with each of us for personal spiritual direction and therapy. We have gotten to know their stories and marveled at their courage. They are so amazing.

Yes, the rains have started here … and, sometimes that is good because (like this morning) it refreshes the air. Other times it is like walking underwater in a steam bath or sauna. Very much a strain on our energy. We may never wear the clothes we brought here again.

image022There is much noise outside the compound, too, but inside we try to find some modicum of quiet and peace. The grounds are so beautiful, green, and lush, with flowers everywhere. The flowers are lush, especially these days with all the rain. Yesterday, Nicki saw her first mongoose. Imagine a low-hanging long grey ferret, with close cropped fur and a long pointy snout. No snakes here, though, because of them.






August 1. 2013… Here are few more “Photos from the Field” in Bangladesh for a photo Update #5.


Barbers are everywhere, as ubiquitous as mosques here.   image024
 Birds are for sale, some for eating.  image026
 Young girls sing for us and bedeck us with floral leis delighted to see American visitors.   image030
 Children know how to handle the heat…in the same place the cows do  image034image032
‘Tea” is a must…twice a day. (They come looking for you if you don’t show up).  












And sunset is beautiful wherever in the world you are.



A longer Update to come soon.  

Love to everyone, Nicki and Jackie-