Dear TATENDA International Family-

Because of your support, TATENDA International has had rare opportunities to go into the lives of women (and men) who work in environments with limited support and freedom…places where resources and prospects for growth or vitality are scant.

When we recently brought our services to Bangladesh we encountered women who are wrapped up and kept at home. We were constantly reminded of the luxuries and privileges that we enjoy here in the United States. And even through these hardships, the women’s eyes beckoned out to us for connection. We understand that the desires of these women behind veils are very much the same world over… safety, health, education, and life.

We recognize that women are often the primary caregivers in the home and in society. They are the ones who care for the needs of the elderly, the toddlers, the orphans, and the disabled. But who cares for them?

We do. TATENDA International is firmly grounded in its desire to care for caregivers, female and male alike. Whether in homes, or orphanages, in schools or hospitals, whether in villages or urban settings, TATENDA International is committed to encouraging and sustaining vitality in the lives of caregivers, especially those working where others will not.

Having had successful journeys to Kenya and Bangladesh in 2013, we are considering requests in 2014 from Rwanda, Jamaica, and Brazil. We hope you have enjoyed our caregiving Updates from the field from the 2013 sojourns. Feel free to forward them to any friends and acquaintances who might enjoy hearing the stories.

It is on behalf of these caregivers who give so much to the poor and hurting around the world that we appeal to you this year to help us replenish the coffers. Your support will allow us to travel beyond the US to connect with and replenish caregivers in these dire situations. We open our 30 Days of Thanksgiving and ask you to be a part of our team this year by sending us a check or by donating online through our new website www.tatendainternational.org. Our mailing address is TATENDA International, PO Box 172, Rollinsford,NH 03869.

If you would like to speak with us about our projects, call Nicki at 508-266-0665.  Every time she goes over, she says, “This may be the last trip.” Then she gets there and is surrounded by the faces and eagerness of those the team ministers to… and she feels all the more sure that this must continue. These men and women desperately need our support.

We hope to hear from you within the next 4 weeks. We know you will feel a joy and sense of purpose as you join with us in continuing this mission.

Blessings and peace,

Karen Duffy, Nicki Verploegen, Kim Raimer, Zelda Kenney, Pam Van Wechel

TATENDA International Board