Rwanda Update #2

February 9, 2015

Hello everyone

We have not had internet service for some time. Nicki cannot access her email account either.

We have finished the first retreat and it was well received. Many stories, much laughter and lots of songs. It was hard for us to say goodbye because the family stories associated with the genocide were traumatic and yet we see signs of healing through the work of the retreat. Some of the participants asked to stay in close contact with each other and us. Every one of them asked for individual private conversations with us and we were able to do so even though we worked late into the night.

We are having surprisingly good communication even though some have limited English AND French. Mathias in the picture with Nicki helped translate for Grace and a few others who spoke KIRWANDAN. The photo of the youth in the back of the truck shows how we took them to the bus station after the retreat ended.

We went North on Saturday, over long and dusty roads, to visit another Foyer de Charite. It was a good experience and we met the Director who expressed the hope that we would return to give a retreat there.

In the last update we sent a picture of the resident cow who provides us with our milk. We were delighted to discover that she was pregnant and she delivered her female calf on the day we travelled north. To our joy, they named her TATENDA. So, we leave a part of us and all our supporters behind in Rwanda.

Yesterday evening we attended Mass at the Kigali Cathedral, which is housed in a metal and brick building in the city center. We missed the genocide museum because it was closed by the time we arrived back from our long journey North.

The second retreat starts today and we start fresh again. We are both well, however the climate, altitude, smog and language difficulties are taking a toll. We carry the burdens on our hearts of the Rwandan pain.

Bye for now, Nicki and Sarah