Celebrations on Pentecost

June 7, 2017

Dear Ones-

I am finally online again.  As you see from the photos, there were many celebrations on Pentecost.  Of course, Victoria had her #1 mango… and also “pears” also known as “bush butter”, a sour-tart mushy (like avocado) around a big nut.  We also got to meant the grandmothers or the sisters. Sister Marie Claire is in her 80’s and still keeps the garden here. Sr. Joan to the left of me can barely see either at 78, but she guides Marie Claire with kindness. They are sweet women.

You see the special salad for Pentecost… and the special liqueur of avocado wine. We could market this easily. Very tasty.  Two more days of this retreat and then a rest. Yea.

We will try to send more news soon.


Nicki and Victoria