June 10, 2017

Update #5

Hello, Everyone.

This may be our last missive from Cameroon.  Our “modem” leaves tomorrow with Fr. Joseph and then we will have no access. We will try to make the best of it, however, things turn out.

Tonight we have the big celebration with gift-giving and prayer.  The thing that strikes me so much is the simplicity and gratitude of these women.  They are ecstatic when we give them their “petite cadeau”.  We have had two sisters leave early and when we gave them their closing goodies of fabric “sac” with seeds, CD, Pen, rosary, alarm clock, and candy, they kiss each thing inside.  It is so touching and so gratifying.

The old “grandmothers” are also enchanting (can you tell I am thinking in French? Enchantee?) Sr. Angele is always beaming and will celebrate her 60th anniversary as a sister in January.  She still shepherds the young women who are entering. Sr. Marie Therese walks with a brace but jumped into the French conversation when we talked about hindrances to our balance. I am impressed with their participation.  They keep them going and contributing within the community. I hear there is a 90 y/o coming next week who could do circles around us.

Victoria has been an amazing teammate. She has been a huge hit with the sisters…. they love to be touched.  For them, it is an exotic thing to have someone work on their feet.  We indeed know most of the health issues in this group because it all comes out in the “treatment” with Victoria. It is good to have a nurse on the team.

WE have no way of knowing what has happened in the larger world. It is like we are in our own microcosm of love and affection. Not a bad place to be, though. Maybe this counteracts the craziness on the planet and heals some of it.

Pray we find internet.

Nicki and Victoria

  1. An entire family of 12-13 cockroaches are now in cockroach heaven. We are picky about our housemates. The 3 “grandfathers” Victoria shrieked were as big as her head. They come out to see us at night. One juvenile ran up my leg onto my slip. That guy never made it to puberty. I am fast. It really grossed me out.