Update #5

May 14, 2018
Hello from balmy Singapore where we have begun to experience rain showers. We were given umbrellas as a gift….for a reason!! The volume of rain reminds Nicki of the rainy season from her days in Liberia.

Our second retreat concluded on Friday and immediately on Saturday we did a short day with the Board of the Marymount Center and Good Shepherd Place.

The 2nd retreat went very well…we had some real live ones attending. Lots of youth, laughter, and energy. Some of these are relatively new employees and their exuberance is still fresh. They were so grateful to come on an overnight retreat (never had this opportunity before) and it was a real bonding time among colleagues. They were delightful.

For all of us, the days were so filled with depth and richness in their sharing and participation. For the two of us, we were grateful for siestas and silent reflection times to catch our breath. Two requests were that the retreat could be longer and that more movement meditations could be incorporated. Good feedback for us.

When we started up with the Board, introductions took a longer span of time because there were amazing people sharing. (See below)

It was followed by lunch of “special foods,” including that “nut” we told you about. Several of the members are Malaysians and are excited we are going to Ipoh tomorrow, a real “foodie” place so they say. Here goes again.

Our time in Singapore has been lovely with some time in church, in the market,
and gazing at sunsets that left us breathless. We hope you have enjoyed these missives. Off to Malaysia tomorrow.

Many blessings,
Nicki and Jolie

They keep telling us it’s a “town” but the web photos look like a city.