Update #7

Travel Update  #7

May 19, 2018
    Greetings from faraway Malaysia. We are in the country here with limestone walls towering over us. Magnificent. It is bursting with greens of all shades. Huge leaves the size of elephant ears. Grasses and vines. It just envelopes us.
Malaysia has just made a major shift. After 60 years of rule by a corrupt government, they voted last week for a change… the opposition will form a coalition with the people in mind. Women contributed to the change. They never thought in their lifetime that they would see such a change. But Malaysians from all over the world flew home for Election Day… and dipped their pointer fingers in ink and firmly cast their votes. There is great rejoicing here. You can feel the anticipation of good in these election results. We hope so much good for them, too.
A couple of guidelines to help us negotiate Malaysian and Singaporean living:
“Left is right. And right is wrong.” (You drive on the opposite side of the street here.
    Every five years the high rises get painted completely. It keeps Singapore looking new. We are not sure if this is funded by government funds or subsidized, but it really works.
    At Church, everybody sings… but they do not like to move over in the pew to let someone else sit on the end. There is a lot of incense used and the music is projected onto huge screens. One note: they have the best-padded kneeler in the world.
  Finally, we are leaving tomorrow for Seattle. Unfortunately, Jolie’s phone was misplaced on the plane from Ipoh. A search has been initiated by Scoot Airlines. Hopefully, if we don’t get it before departure tomorrow (seems like it is in Bangkok right now), it will beat or meet her at home in Spokane. We ask prayers from any of you who have special connections with St. Anthony (patron of lost things) or St. Jude (patron of lost causes).

Thanks. To bed now and on to the US. Wish us luck.
Nicki and Jolie

Group movement.







…and dipped their pointer fingers in ink and firmly cast their votes.







Limestone of Malaysia. Greens as big as elephant ears.